Our new ScholarOne Web Services will make it easier for you to uncover connections between the research you share with the community and its impact. And your peer review system will seamlessly connect the internal and external resources you use to support your mission.

  • Integrate your internal tools and industry platforms using our standard APIs for single sign on.
  • Link up with important initiatives like ORCID and FundRef for standardized, consistent data exchange.
  • Extend your connectivity with our new Reviewer Locator—cutting-edge technology that searches Web of Science, returning uniquely qualified peer reviewer recommendations.

What's Included

  • FundRef Integration: Collect and include unique identifiers for key funding bodies and specific grant numbers as part of your standard submission process and move them seamlessly through the review workflow all the way to the published output. 
  • Extended ORCID Integration: Leverage the full ORCID technology by capturing and reporting on an author's unique identifier to automate administrative tasks, make informed publishing decisions and support this important industry initiative. 
  • ScholarOne Reviewer Locator: The only solution that searches across Web of Science, the world's most trusted source for scholarly information, to automatically recommend potential peer reviewers based on article meta data. Quickly and easily identify the most appropriate peer reviewers to accelerate the review process and prevent reviewer fatigue.


    • ScholarOne Web Services Lite: Freely available to all customers, this service supports basic data integration between ScholarOne and internal systems to support consistent, standardized information for key information collected in the submission and peer review process.  
    • ScholarOne Web Services Premium: Enterprise-level support that enables complete data exchange between ScholarOne and a customer's internal systems. Across all available data fields, ScholarOne information can be synced with internal systems and critical third-party partners. 

How ScholarOne Web Services is Unique

ScholarOne Web Services is the only enterprise-level platform for web services available in the market. Rather than building distinct, unique APIs to support one-off data exchange, we built a truly holistic solution for integration. It delivers web services including auditing, monitoring and updating of data to support real-time and robust data exchange.

Our Web Services will follow the same continuous, market-driven development and enhancement path as the rest of our solutions. Because we're taking this product-approach to developing ScholarOne Web Services, we'll be able to deliver a scalable offering that can accommodate every customer need and budget.

View our press release to learn more about our unique development process. Expand your touch points within the community and get your content to your audience faster with ScholarOne Web Services.