Meet our New Manager of Training and Documentation, Deborah Heishman

We took some time to ask Debbie about her prior experience and her thoughts on her new position.  The future of ScholarOne is looking even brighter thanks to her varied experience and creative ideas.

Congratulations on your position as Manager of Training & Documentation. Could you please tell us about your experience before you started this position?
Why, thanks! I’m really excited to join the ScholarOne team. Using my training, publishing, and managing skills in one position is an experience I’m already enjoying.

Before joining ScholarOne, I worked at the University of Virginia for four years as the Creative Manager for the 13 academic libraries. Everyone always asked what my title meant because it was so generic, and it basically meant a slew of creative roles all mashed into one position! I was designer, editor, writer, marketing and style guru, trainer, photographer, and web content manager all in one, and it was fun to meet the challenges of each library’s different needs, each audience’s different needs, and the constant need to keep up-to-speed in so many different fields. I was lucky to train a variety of students, faculty, and staff while at the library—it certainly prepared me to anticipate the issues and questions that might arise when teaching different demographics.

Other experiences that will inform my role here at ScholarOne: directing my own writing training business; teaching English at a community college; and managing financial data firm SNL Financial’s web & print editing and production team.

What do you think is the most valuable thing you bring to the ScholarOne team?
My training and technology backgrounds are helpful, of course, but historically I’ve been appreciated for my ability to comprehend the whole—think big—and then to work out the smaller details that help achieve big goals, such as changes in workflows, policies, and technology.

What do you think are the greatest benefits of the current training program at ScholarOne?
ScholarOne’s trainers know the product and they know the clients. And they are proactive about their relationship with both: from participating in product testing to creating custom training guides for clients who are having difficulty with an unusual site configuration. These interactions are invaluable to ScholarOne.

Are there any significant improvements or new initiatives you have planned, both in the short term and the more distant future?
Beginning with the 3.13 ScholarOne Abstracts Release, we’ll be providing Release Videos with software simulation to supplement Release Notes. Our team is also busy creating new training materials for ScholarOne Abstracts and we plan to revamp all our documentation and videos, updating content and adding multimedia, interactive features, assessment capabilities, and improved search capabilities. We’re having a great time working together on these projects!

As far as future plans: I’m very excited about the new Learning Management System (LMS) that we’re currently testing. If this first phase goes well, we’ll have a program that will manage all of our class content, schedules, and client training history—all the while tying in with our current programs and eliminating repetitious entry work for trainers.

How will these initiatives pass value on to our customers?
I think our clients will be thrilled to have Release Videos with software simulation to further explain feature additions and updates, particularly those that are very technical. With our new training materials and updated interactive documentation and videos, clients will enjoy a more user-friendly, effective learning experience.


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